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Who we are

At HR Star, people, achievement and integrity are at the heart of what we do. As a HR consultancy with a difference, we pride ourselves on proactively listening and engaging with you and your workforce to develop your people, processes and business performance.

By truly understanding the people in your business, we provide valuable HR support to minimise the risk of employees feeling disengaged, mismanaged or unfairly treated. We proactively immerse ourselves in your culture to implement flexible structure whilst keeping what makes your company unique. The result? A dynamic, driven and motivated workforce.

As part of our mission to promote positive workplace cultures, we’ve created our own Employee Engagement Star – our foundation for building a successful business. Having the right processes in place helps to cultivate happier, more productive staff, which in turn increases profitability in the long run.

We work in partnership with forward thinking, dynamic businesses that like to go the extra mile for their employees.

What we do

At HR Star, we believe in a proactive approach to HR consultancy, with the success of a company starting with its people. As your trusted partners, we immerse ourselves in your world to drive business excellence. Over the years, we’ve worked successfully to help businesses refine their HR processes and create engaged teams. As a result, we’ve created three key ways we can help you and your business.

  • HR Star People Project – Onsite or in-person HR outsourcing services with a difference. We support you to make positive changes to your workplace. From managing performance to team building, we’ll help you implement a balanced culture in line with your company values.
  • Star Search – the success of a company starts with it’s people, so we’ll help you every step of the way during your talent sourcing and acquisition journey.
  • HR Star Memberships – our exclusive online portal, giving you 24/7 access to HR support. From downloadable resources, to one-to-one support, to live Q&As, we’ll help you achieve best practices within your organisation, so you can focus on the rest.

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Why work with us?

At HR Star, our creative approach means we provide the best possible service for our clients. Whether you’re looking for help with your internal HR procedures, talent acquisition strategy, or are simply looking for online support, we’ll support every step of the way. There are many reasons you should work with us, but we’ve managed to narrow it down into 4 ways we’re different to your traditional HR consultancies.

Increased employee engagement
Employee engagement is one of the core principles to business success. Employee engagement cultivates happier staff, increased productivity and increased profits. So, it’s worth putting the time in to make employees feel valued and engaged.

Effective change management
We understand that changing your culture, policies and procedures can be challenging. By supporting you every step of the way, we ensure a smooth transition for you and your employees on your culture-change journey.

Employer brand protection
In a digital age where disgruntled employees can leave negative reviews about your business at a touch of a button, it’s never been more important to ensure your employees don’t feel disengaged, mismanaged or unfairly treated. By providing helpful support to your and your people, you can rest easy.

Minimising Litigation
Not only do we aim to create engaged, dynamic workforces, but we also help you implement fair procedures that support your people. Unlike other HR consultancies, our proactive approach means we solve problems before they materialise. With the average unfair dismissal reward costing businesses up to £13,704, it pays to be proactive!

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