Zest Digital

“Kelly and the team have been a huge asset to Zest, and for my own personal development within the business.

For Zest, they’ve helped with processes and procedures, company structure and reward and recognition. They’ve also been someone that the team can go to for advice and support.

For me personally they’ve been invaluable as I’ve moved into a more senior position by coaching, advising and guiding me. Even though they’re not in the office on a daily basis, they’re only a phone call away and always make the time to hear my issue, and work to find a solution together. ‘Together’ is key – they don’t always tell me the answer, they instead work with me to guide me to the answer myself, so next time I can tackle it alone.

They’re not afraid to push or challenge me either, which we all need! But with that, they’re also a real pleasure to be around, always positive and uplighting.

I highly recommend Kelly and the team, I wish we could have them in our office daily!”

“HR Star started to get to know me, know the team and how we work. They identified where the gaps were, how we could improve and what we were doing well.

“They allowed the team to have a voice and someone to go to, while also giving me someone to speak to. They gave us a fresh perspective that’s allowed us to see areas we can improve and also recognise where we’re doing things really well.”

“I would definitely recommend HR Star,” said Alex. “If you’re a small business that’s grown like us and been in a similar position to ourselves where you’ve just got on with the job. You need more definition, so people know what they are doing and where they fit within the business to make sure you can hire and retain the best staff you can.”

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