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  1. One-To-One Coaching Meeting Script & Planner – Use this document to prepare for your next one-to-one meeting with a team member. The document also gives you a conversational script to use so you know exactly what to say.
  2. HR Star ResourcesYour Management Style – Self Assessment Quiz & Guide – This questionnaire identifies four key competencies in management and asks you to consider a range of specific behaviours. The overall assessment allows you to use the scores from the questionnaire to assess your effectiveness in preventing and reducing stress in your staff.
  3. How To Manage Redundancies Properly – Making staff is fraught with danger and painful emotions so use this guide to understand what is required and how best to manage this difficult process.
  4. Ten Tips To Boost Employee Motivation – We’ve all been through some terrible times recently. This quick guide shares some simple but very powerful ways to help your staff get back on their feet and feeling good about work again.
  5. Induction Checklist – Hiring a new member of staff? How you welcome them at the start makes a huge difference to their performance and engagement at work. Use this checklist to get things started in the best possible way.
  6. BONUS: 20 Questions To Answer Before Your Employees Will Perform At Their Best After Lockdown

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