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5 Lessons When Building a Great Place to Work!

Creating a ‘’positive company culture’’ is really on-trend now in the world of human resources and is a must-have function in every business. Senior management teams need to excite their employees, creating a fun environment at work whilst also growing and being productive. It is proven that businesses where teams are more happy, motivated and engaged will have a greater output, be more efficient, have a lower turnover of staff and ultimately be more profitable as a result.

But… more often than not it is a case of ‘’easier said, than done’’. Go back to basics and be realistic. When we engage with businesses for this exact reason, we’ll strip everything back and look at what really matters to your employees, not what is important to the senior management team.

So, lets look at our tops 5 lessons to creating a great place to work.

 Employee’s = Adults

That’s right – you employ adults! Everyone has mortgage/rent to pay, some have children, maybe even grandchildren, and various responsibilities. Treat people like people – not subservient pieces of equipment. Quite often systems and processes are put in place with best practices in mind, but actually translate to treating staff like robots. Get to know their key motivators and hear what is important to them, then straight away you’re building the foundations of a good relationship. It’s not always money, would being flexible with hours help with the school run? Would arranging a regular social bond the team together? As we always say – great businesses rely on great people, and it’s those thriving companies who keep and nurture their talent.

Make work MEAN something

Being at work is a journey, regardless of position held or length of service. Give your people meaning to their day-to-day duties. Doing a job knowing that it means something is a huge driver for motivation in this day and age. It might be knowing that your role is contributing to successful customer relations or working towards additional qualifications with an eye for future progression. Even if you know an employee is working for you with an eye on their next role elsewhere – wouldn’t it be great that you’ve created a great workplace be FROM? Your former employees are ambassadors for your business, so even if you know it’s a short stint working with you, let it be a good one which leaves a lasting impression so they tell people about it.

Understand the Business

Followers of our blogs will know that to really engage with your team members, you need to be able to communicate what the business goals are, what the journey will look like and, most importantly, what greatness in each individual role looks like. We’ve written a blog on the importance of having detailed job roles and descriptions before, and this can often be overlooked. Laying out what your role is, what defines your performance will help that individual know how to be great at their job. Sounds simple? But, it’s really effective and links to the previous point about making a job mean something.

 The whole truth, and nothing but the truth

Be honest with each other. Not necessarily in a cutting and over critical manner, but be honest when performance dips and help to address any issues, whilst celebrating successes with honesty and praise. Performance reviews and appraisals need to be alive and kicking in your business. Have these truthful moments with each other when it matters the most. Quite often it can be too late and a talented member of the team is looking (or already heading) to another company as they feel under-valued. Don’t let the truth come out too late. If someone is great at their job – tell them and they’ll keep doing it! If someone isn’t quite living up to their potential – let them know you support them and help define how they can be great again.

Stay true to your values

Do as I do. If you expect high productivity, punctuality and great results – lead by example! Good and bad habits in the workplace are quite often learned. If senior management and line management are turning up late or are sloppy with preparation for one-to-one meetings then expect to get that in return. People cannot be something if they can’t see it in front of them. Decide on one vision and live it together by upholding the values you have committed to each other. Keep promises, be accountable, be reliable, set realistic deadlines, be flexible and have honest conversations. This is the gateway for people to do the right things for the right reasons. This lesson is especially helpful when recruiting the ‘’right type of person’’ for a job role.


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to creating a great place to work. It takes time and effort. It involves a process of understanding the human resource function and outlining a strategy to align a whole company – which is full of real people! We also like to regularly remind business leaders that they do not need to be everything within their business. As Richard Branson once said “If you really want to grow as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to learn to delegate.’’ That’s where our position as HR specialists can bring benefits to your business. We’ve carved a strong reputation in employee engagement that gets results that aid growth and keep hold of top talent.

If you’d like to know more, we’d love to hear from you. So please get in touch and we can shine a light on your stars. Contact Us.

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