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Aligning Expectations

Business leaders are constantly facing day to day challenges within their organisations, not the least of which surrounds their ability to retain great teams of people. This requires a delicate balance of providing excellent employee benefits, giving support for individual development and creating a strong workplace culture; whilst also ensuring the team are productive and profitable. In the current job market where there is seemingly no longer ‘a job for life’, what proactive steps can we take from day one to ensure we are holding on to great talent?

Our team at HR Star are seeing more and more that businesses are struggling to fully embed new team members into their organisations, resulting in a higher than desired turnover rate.

Why is this happening?

It is nothing new to hear that if you are an owner, leader or working within an SME, regardless of industry, you are likely facing extremely busy and challenging days; you may be struggling with workload- floundering in a sea of emails/ calls/ meetings and feel like you are more often than not chasing your tail. Sometimes the answer to this problem is to increase internal resource; so you begin on your recruitment journey… But what happens when you go through the rigorous and thorough process of finding your new star team member and they join the organisation in the midst of the ongoing challenges/ high workload/ lack of time?

At HR Star we are working with businesses to ensure that we set the correct tone from the start. It may seem silly, but it is important to align expectations even as soon as during the recruitment process. This way both prospective employees and leaders are aware of and can agree on how the relationship will work throughout the course of the employment; minimising room for confusion moving forward.

Thinking of your own previous employment experiences or your own organisation; have you always been/ are you clear on what is expected of you or have you made it clear to your team? Are you sure?

When we talk about expectations, we often think of role specific tasks; for example ‘it is your job to schedule meetings and take minutes.’ It is important to agree on and outline a job role in the form of a job description, but aligning expectations runs much deeper.

When we talk to clients about expectations; we talk about personal and business values, about what is important to the individual and the business, about timescales for development and about soft skills that are priorities for not just the organisation but for the role.

By having these frank conversations from the beginning of the employee journey; we are able to effectively manage, build relationships with and provide an open platform for growth and development for all employees.

For help or advice on creating an amazing employee journey; please contact the team at HR Star.

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