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Creating a Positive Company Culture to Engage and Attract Staff

Whether deliberate or not, every business has a culture which defines the company’s values. This culture is filtered from the top down and employers are now recognising the significance of creating a culture that not only keeps hold of talent within the business, but also attracts the right type of employee. By understanding the culture and having a shared vision for the business, suddenly recruiting the ‘’right type’’ of person becomes a lot clearer. Matching up personalities, beliefs, experiences and goals means a business leader has clarity on what to look for in people – and vice versa. If the desired culture isn’t in the business, then the appropriate candidates will fall by the wayside. As much as employers are doing their research, so are potential employees. It is very much a two-way street. Therefore, it’s so important to look after your finest assets – your staff and future staff.

How do we identify a company culture?

This incorporates numerous factors; the way we talk to colleagues and customers, the working environment, language used, equipment, branding, tools, processes and even the type of products or services supplied. In addition to this, how the staff then behave towards the company creates the unique atmosphere found in every business.

Define Goals

By determining company goals in an inclusive fashion means everyone is buying in to the same vision. It’s not always possible to include every member of staff, so clearly communicating the direction of the business is fundamental to obtaining buy-in from everyone. Naturally, we are motivated by knowing we are making a difference and contributing towards something successful. Sharing ‘’the dream’’ with existing and new employees demonstrates a supportive management philosophy and can aid the nurturing of skills within the team. Matching up people who share the same vision forms the basis of achieving positive outcomes.

Recruiting Diversity

Once you know where you want to go, you need to have the right people in place to implement the strategy. If everyone has the same skillset, personality and interests the situation could turn negative. Opposites really do attract! Assembling a diverse workforce brings new challenges and new ideas to the table. Rule out any form of discrimination with regards to age, background, personal circumstances and religion. Look deeper in to the psyche. Different people can buy in to the same vision and maintain the predefined goals set by an employer. Youth and experience, full-time and part-time, introverts and extroverts can all work as a part of an effective team. If everyone knows their role both individual and collective successes can be achieved.

Employee Engagement

This can be a common area where companies fall down – or require the most help. Engaging with your team requires effort, understanding and recognition. Regular staff engagement allows employers to identify a common goal with employees, leading to an increase in job satisfaction among staff and ensuring an effective outcome for all. Embracing traditional HR processes such as performance management, appraisals and 1-2-1s also help employers set an example of ‘leading’ rather than just ‘managing’, creating an environment where staff feel valued and motivated. Feedback, both positive and constructive, will only encourage high performance and personal development. An employee knowing where to improve, whilst celebrating successes, can only happen by making the effort to support them. Again, this works both ways. By listening to the challenges, and how they believe the business can improve, through employee feedback surveys for example, ensures staff inclusion and demonstrates flexibility to take on new ideas. Offering rewards, incentives or simply acknowledging a job well done can go a long way.

We work with organisations on the employee engagement and recruitment areas of their business. They need to work together to deliver results. Getting the recruitment right, and effectively engaging with employees, creates a culture that everyone wants to be a part of. When you attract the right people, positively influence them and develop together – why would they want to go elsewhere?

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