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Diversity in the workplace

The modern working environment is one in which equality and diversity and inclusion is promoted and championed. The Equality Act 2010 stipulates that employees and/ or candidates are not to be discriminated against based on defined protected characteristics such as age, disability, gender, religion or belief and sexual orientation; to name a few.

At HR Star we work with our clients to ensure that they all have not only effective and compliant policies in place, but also strong and consistent processes that ensure we are managing, developing and recruiting our team members based on these key and imperative underlying principles.

However, for us, diversity in the workplace runs so much deeper. Despite working in multiple industries with a wide variety of individuals, we frequently come across teams of people that are built on one or more of the following the premises and/ or assumptions; ‘one size-fits all; everyone will like this’, ‘our people all need to be confident’, ‘this role always needs a candidate to have a degree’, ‘we just want people that will just get their heads down and get the job done’, ‘our team are happy with the approach we take’.

In our experience; a truly diverse and equal workforce not only addresses the more widely known protected characteristics and actively advocates inclusion through these, but also looks at encouraging and endorsing a variety of skills, personality traits and experiences within their teams. It may be a common assumption to suggest ‘a salesperson needs to be an extrovert’, however; we work with our clients to challenge these assumptions and look beyond the accepted and perceived ‘norms’. For example; what about a polite and quietly confident individual who is extremely strong at building trusting relationships through conversation and is able to make effective sales as a result?

The strength of a truly diverse team is so much greater than simply ‘ticking a diversity box’. If you can create an inclusive and open working atmosphere where you bring together a group of people from a vast range of backgrounds, with different skills, experiences and qualities; you will find that your offerings, ideas and approach will reach a whole new level. For more information on how to grow a diverse and successful team; please contact our own team at HR Star.


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