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Five signs you need a HR consultant

Your business may believe that you don’t require HR support. However, often, it can be a case of not knowing what you need until you have it.

We are admittedly a little biased, but it’s true that without proactive HR advice and support, your business’ strategy runs the risk of becoming too heavy on outcome and profit, and not focused enough on your people.

When this happens, your business may encounter endless people issues and challenges, high turnover and sick days, and a company culture that is not conducive to optimal success – all likely to the detriment of customer satisfaction too.

If this already sounds familiar, then it’s time to consider how effective HR can help you create a “best place to work” environment, which taps into the psyche of your employees to keep them engaged with your mission and drive business growth.

Other questions to ask yourself to determine if you need to work with a HR consultant include:

  • Are you spending more time dealing with people issues than growing your business

It’s not uncommon for business owners to find it difficult to monitor a great deal of staff compared to the past, once their business becomes stronger with an increasing number of employees. Or, for internal conflict to take longer to resolve.

If managing people issues is continually distracting you from your core responsibilities, however, why not invest in outsourced human resource support so  that you can focus your time on actually growing your business?

  • Are you employees leaving and taking up new roles with your competitors?

Offering additional pay is no longer enough to retain your employees. The UK average employee turnover is approximately 15% a year.  Although this varies drastically between industries, if your business is seeing a significantly higher figure than this, and is constantly hiring and firing, something is amiss – and a HR consultant can help.

We regularly work with clients who are experiencing a high staff turnover to find out what’s going on and how to fix it. Solutions for our clients can include everything from giving people more opportunities to develop and progress, to providing leadership coaching and management training, to conducting staff surveys to give your people a voice to understand where improvements need to be made. All these things are key to keeping employees engaged and less likely to leave.

  • Are you struggling to attract the right talent to your business because your recruitment process keeps failing to identify the right people?

If you don’t have enough hours in the day, or the right processes in place to identify the right candidates, consider hiring a HR consultant who can specifically dedicate their time to filling a position within your company. Our Star Search service provides clients with a unique recruitment experience, which taps into the very best candidates.

Meeting your hiring manager to get a full understanding of the role, the company and the ideal candidate is just the start. We create job adverts, shortlist and screen candidates and even attend interviews if you’d like us to. We can also create and run assessment centres, carry out personality profiling and job matching AND manage the onboarding of new employees after we’ve discovered them for you.

  • Has there been an increase in sickness absence?

An increase in sickness absence and stress levels rings alarm bells to HR consultants. If an employee is calling in sick on a more regular basis, it could be a sign that they are unable to deal with their daily work, less engaged with your business, looking to leave, or all of the above!

Return to work meetings are good here to understand the reason for the absence and to look for ways to address this. Wellbeing is also an essential part of employee engagement. At HR Star, we are providing a number of employees with mental health first aid, which is resulting in a reduction in sick absence.

  • Have you reviewed your employment contracts and policies in the past 12 months?

HR essentials such as employment contracts and policies should be written for you and your specific business needs, and reviewed every 12 months to ensure they are in line with the latest employment law, which is updated twice a year.

If you haven’t reviewed your contracts, policies and other important documents in the past 12 months – either because you haven’t had the capacity to review them or you didn’t know that you needed to – it’s a sure sign that you might need a HR consultant to continue to make sure that your business is compliant with the latest employment law.

Is it time to explore working with a HR consultant? Email [email protected] to speak to a member of our team about how we can get your HR working effectively.

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