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Open and Honest Communication

We live in a world where people are rushing around, bouncing from one place to another, in constant communication with colleagues, friends and family; over a variety of platforms- text message, emails, telephone calls, social media and face to face conversations.

Despite continual, seemingly straightforward and ongoing communications that we all face day in and day out, how often do you find yourself thinking things like: ‘What did they really mean when they said that?’, ‘I wonder what they are actually thinking?’ ‘I think they are annoyed or upset about something, but what?’.

How is it that so often we say so much but so often hear so little?

Here at HR Star we spend much of our time with our clients beating the drum of communication; make sure you are communicating frequently, communicate important updates, talk to your team, good communication is key… and so on. But when all the key cornerstones are put in place; your diarised catch ups, your feedback forms and your focus groups- why are so many of us still falling short in our communication?

Through hundreds of conversations with individuals and groups, in addition to our own personal experiences; more and more it appears to us that the issue lies with the openness and honesty of our communications.

To turn the earlier questions on their head; how often do you think to yourself: ‘I don’t think I said what I really meant’, ‘I’ve had the conversation and yet I still feel frustrated’, ‘I have more to say’.

It is natural for us to shy away from certain conversations that we perceive to be challenging and difficult, we are mindful to not hurt feelings, upset the balance or expose our true thoughts.

The team at HR Star challenge our clients to work hard to truly understand their own motivations, values and feelings; in doing so we pave the way for leadership teams to build strong, integral and fully honest and trusting relationships with their teams. This is possible by first being honest with yourself.

Honesty and openness with yourself sounds easier than it first appears; we are so used to rushing around, attending meetings, ticking tasks off of lists, attending to the needs of our clients and our teams that it takes a strong and conscious effort to stop and revisit what truly matters and motivates you.

If you are looking to challenge yourself, build your confidence as a leader and continue to build powerful and open relationships with your team then please get in touch with our team at HR Star and we can work with you to create an inclusive, productive and honest working space for you and your colleagues.

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