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I have recently been tasked to find a candidate who is looking to start a career in marketing so have come across a lot of recent graduates. From my experience graduates can find it hard to sell themselves in an interview as they often do not feel like they have as much relatable experience or the experience the employer is looking for. However, after talking to a lot of bright eyed and bushy tailed candidates there are some clear reasons why companies are missing a trick and should consider the main positive reasons to recruit graduates into their business.

Firstly, graduates normally have a passion for a industry or sector, they have studied for the past few years so have a lot of interest both personally and professionally for the job they want to do. After years of studying the theory behind their professions they are ready to be released into the big wide world and put their learnings into action coupled with the latest knowledge and information on their chosen subject.

In a recent registration with a graduate was that they were told to keep up with current affairs weekly. The candidate explained that he would actively bring this knowledge to their role, showing how innovative graduates can be.

For many graduates this will be their first job out of University and won’t have worked for a company on a permanent basis before. Graduates are mouldable and adaptable; they have proven this with relocating to attend university and have learnt to be independent; making them a perfect hire for any company that wants to shape and grown their talent to fit their company culture.

Graduates will often have experienced work placements within a variety of industries as part of their studies, this will have allowed them to gain a breadth of experience in all areas of a role therefore giving them understanding of how teams fit together and how their particular role impacts other parts of the business and will also have given them exposure to working life.

Companies are continually looking to be innovative and flexible to keep up with their competitors therefore recruiting graduates is key when you are looking to hire the best candidates!

By Gabrielle Cribb (Gabs)

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