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Snow Day or No Snow Day?

When we get snowfall, a number of issues can arise; from increased traffic and poor road conditions to slippery pavements and cold temperatures both inside and outside.

This can wreak havoc when it comes to getting to work. Employees and employers need to be realistic about the conditions and act accordingly. Below we have outlined the information which should be in your employee handbooks on what to do in the instance of snow and/or adverse weather conditions.
Employees should make a genuine effort to report for work at their normal time. This may include leaving extra time for the journey and/or taking an alternative route. Travelling on foot or by bicycle should be considered where appropriate and safe.
If you are unable to attend work on time or at all you should telephone your Manager as soon as possible. Failure to do so will result in the absence being recorded as unauthorised.
Employees who are absent from work due to extreme weather or other travel disruptions will be reviewed on a case by case basis and any payments made are entirely at the discretion of the Company. Should the Company be closed due to adverse weather, all staff will be paid for that day.”

General thoughts / advice from HR Star ⭐️

– Genuine effort – Don’t just assume a ‘snow day’ means a day off. It’s crucial for companies to function regardless of the weather; be true to your employer and your employment obligations – touch base, talk, agree to a solution – then you can really enjoy your snow day!
– Communication is key – ensure you make every effort to keep the lines of communication open between you and your employer, this is the difference between an authorised ‘snow day’ and unauthorised absence.
– Can’t make it in? – Possible solutions – work from home, work from an alternative location or even make the time up at an agreed point in time.
– Will you be paid? Dependant on your employer, it’s not an automatic entitlement, so it pays to be honest and communicate with your employer. If both you and your employer are flexible, an arrangement can be made to suit both of you!
Above all, stay safe and take care on the roads and paths. ?
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