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The Importance of the Candidate Experience

It’s been a very exciting time for HR Star and Star Search as we have seen an increase in clients that we are working in partnership with. We are thrilled to be heavily involved in sourcing new talent into their teams and this has highlighted the need to focus on the onboarding and induction process for new employees.

To ensure that companies are giving applicants a fantastic candidate experience I have collated some of my top tips:

  • Have an up to date and clear careers page which reflects your brand
  • Make sure the application process is easy and straight forward; mobile friendly!
  • All candidates are provided with feedback, regardless of if they are appointed the position
  • Send regular updates to candidates; explain if there is a hold up and why
  • Ensure you have the people and processes in place to ensure the recruitment process is smooth

The onboarding process doesn’t end on the candidates first day, that’s just the beginning.

Companies need to be looking at ways to engage with employees from the offer stage up until 6 months into the role.

It is evident that unsuccessful onboarding is very costly for businesses and can result in a loss of staff and key talent which can cost employers up to 20% of the employee’s salary.

Firms that have a rigid onboarding process experience 50% greater new hire retention but unfortunately 22% of companies have no onboarding process in place, with 49% of employees having a partial process.

Here at HR Star we can with not only sourcing the right talent for your teams but also ensuring a smooth and successful onboarding process.

If you would like to find out how we can help you with recruiting, onboarding and inducting new employees please email [email protected]

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