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Three quick and easy ways to enhance your employee benefits package

The rising cost of living could already be having a significant impact on your employees. And whilst you may be reviewing your employees’ salaries as a result, it’s also important to reconsider your employee benefits package too.

An attractive benefits package can truly support an employee’s financial, mental and physical wellbeing, and – together with a fair salary – drastically improve the employee experience and increase staff retention. 

The perfect benefits package will likely look different to each one of your employees. Some might prefer to have access to private healthcare, whilst others might favour monthly social events, for example, depending on their priorities and what stage they’re at in their life. 

That’s why, here at HR Star, we work closely with our clients to find out exactly what their employees want as part of their benefits package through methods such as surveys and focus groups.

However, there are a few things that promise to enhance every benefits package, for every employee, by adding value to their financial wellbeing and then some – read on to find out what they are…

  • Employee discounts: Employee discounts are great for saving on things such as treats, cinema tickets or days out, as well as essentials like the weekly or monthly shop. Introducing discounts is a great way to help your employees’ money go that little bit further, and allow them to continue spending their personal time doing what they enjoy most e.g., going to the cinema, visiting a theme park with their friends or family.

  • Health and wellbeing resources: Benefits like health cash plans, dental cover and gym memberships are all designed to help employees save money on healthcare. Offering such benefits to your employees will help to prevent them from putting off dentist or eye care appointments as the cost of living rises, and maintain good health – in turn, reducing sick days and time needed off work too.

  • Car benefit scheme: A car benefit scheme is a great way for employees to get on the road, but particularly in electric vehicles – so they can reduce their carbon footprint too! Many of us want to drive electric but we’re put off by the high initial cost. The car benefit scheme is one of the cheapest ways for employees to drive electric: give them the chance to trade in their petrol or diesel car and then, through the scheme, go electric, pay monthly and reduce their fuel costs. 


At HR Star, we regularly help business leaders create and enhance their employee benefits package. For more information about how we might also be able to help you, email [email protected] or call 01242 500 557 to speak to a member of our team.

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