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What is HR’s role in managing change?

You wouldn’t ask a fish to climb a tree. So, why would you as a business leader take on the sole responsibility of managing your company through major changes without understanding employment law and best practices?

Whether it’s an acquisition, a change in the company’s core leadership or other department or team restructure, a change in your workplace culture, managing poor performance or even the difficult exercise of making people redundant, managing through change is a complicated process. However, when HR takes a leadership role during periods of change, it’s possible to navigate any challenges that arise – gracefully, effectively and, importantly, in a way that’s legally compliant.

When it comes to navigating change, HR can play a critical role in bridging communications between management and employees, ensuring information is shared in a timely and transparent way. Plus, identifying and resolving any specific issues or risks before they potentially become even bigger, long-term problems for your business.

Let’s talk about managing the process of staff redundancies, for example – which is a hugely stressful time for all concerned. Redundancies impact upon people’s emotions, finances and their sense of wellbeing. That’s why it’s so important to get it right.

It isn’t just a case of telling somebody that you are making them redundant. It’s vital that you explain the process that you’re going to follow during the consultation period, including what’s expected during this time and what happens next. Then, you need to confirm in writing that they are at risk, the reasons why and what is involved in the process.

During the consultation period, the employee at risk has the option to submit any proposals or suggestions that may help the business avoid the redundancy or ways they can be retained within the business too.

Further meetings may be required to follow up on any such proposals and, if the business isn’t able to implement their suggestions, you will need to explain why they’re not possible before holding a final meeting to confirm the outcome of the consultation period, timings and next steps.

Making someone redundant is a long and difficult process – and there are plenty of opportunities for something to go wrong along the way, if you don’t fully understand how to navigate the correct processes and policies. The same can be said for other major changes in business.

This is where HR Star can help. Our experienced team work tirelessly with our clients, providing them with ongoing counsel, guidance and advice to navigate major changes in the best possible way for their business – all whilst remaining legally compliant.

If you need help navigating major changes within your business, drop us a line on [email protected] or call 01242 500 557 to learn more about our services.


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