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Why Companies Should Look Past a Candidate’s CV

I have recently been listening to TED talks as part of finding out more about HR and recruitment with a hope to bring some of my findings into my role at HR Star and also to teach our clients about the best ways to recruit staff into their teams.

My most recent watch has been ‘Why the best hire may not have the perfect resume’, this I try and teach clients and use this piece of advice when reviewing CVs for various roles.

Firstly a CV will only tell people where they have worked and what position they held at a company, it doesn’t tell a company how well they did the job, the reasons behind their job choices and their reason for leaving roles- so in my experience it might just be worth a call to ask the candidates these questions instead of rejecting their application.

Secondly there is a huge debate around qualifications vs experience and what’s most important for a candidate to have. It does all depend on the roles but again their may be reasons why someone chose not to study or chose the university path- either way both candidates maybe suitable for the role so its worth interviewing both of them.

I have recently put candidates forward for a role whom have been in temporary roles, this can sometimes put companies of wanting to interview them. But I find that temporary staff offer a lot of skills and attributes to a business; adaptability to various working environments, varied knowledge from working in different industries and can sometimes start immediately.

A huge part of recruiting anyone into the business is ensuring the candidate fits within the team or company and making sure they have the same ethics. This cant be written down on a piece of paper but can be judged better in an interview. Someone’s passion and drive has to be seen and heard.

My tips for any company when recruiting would be;

  • Take CVs with a pinch of salt and look past what’s written on a piece of paper
  • To get an idea of someone’s personality ask them to write a cover letter along with their CV
  • Face to face interview a range of people to see what type of candidate best fits the company
  • If you have questions about the candidates CV- arrange a call and ask them
  • Use DISC profiling alongside face to face formal interviewing

If you feel that you require assistance with your recruitment here at HR Star we can help with a little or as much of the process as you would like.

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