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Common myths about HR, debunked

When you hear the words human resources, several things come to mind. While some are true, there are plenty of human resources myths that are just that: myths. Read on to discover what’s fact and what’s fiction – you might be surprised to learn that some of the things you thought about HR were wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

Myth:  HR only cares about compliance and enforcing policies, not people.  

Truth: While HR is responsible for ensuring that businesses are being compliant by doing things such as paying their people the statutory holiday, , as well as creating and delivering necessary safety and compliance training programs – benefitting both businesses and their employees – this isn’t all they care about or all they are responsible for. 

At HR Star, for example, we immerse ourselves in our clients’ culture, and work shoulder-to-shoulder with them to increase the overall efficiency of their business by finding and implementing solutions to improve the employee experience.  

Myth: HR doesn’t understand the business of its organisation. 

Truth: It’s a common misconception that HR works independently of its own departments and that it doesn’t fully understand the business needs of these departments. 

The truth is, if HR is going to be effective when it comes to things such as hiring new employees, promoting employees and determining employees’ career objectives, it must know what each department’s business goals are. And, in order to develop this deeper understanding of each department and their industry as a whole, HR must work collaboratively with employees at all levels to understand what their work entails day to day.

Myth: HR only handles paperwork and employee disciplinary issues. 

Truth: Another common myth about HR! Hiring, firing and reprimanding employees is a small part of what we do – and a part of our role that we don’t like doing! (Another common misconception is that HR gets a kick out of doing this type of work or that it’s managed coldly. When in reality, we know that we are dealing with people’s livelihoods and that comes with a great deal of pressure and responsibility, and care.)

Here at HR Star in particular, we do HR differently. We provide personalised, efficient and proactive approaches and strategies to HR, and work with clients to implement a consistent people first structure that results in a motivated and highly engaged workforce. 

Myth: HR departments are fluffy.
Truth: One of our favourite myths here at HR Star! In fact, the HR department is present for much more than handling payroll or onboarding people into the company. 

There are several processes within a company that the HR department can influence positively that makes it essential to the overall efficiency of the business. For example, if the company is looking for ways to increase employee retention, the HR department can provide specific insights into why employees leave the company, and offer solutions backed by real data and insights to help reduce employee turnover. A key part of this is enabling employees to have a voice, to listen, and to act. Better retention, higher productivity, faster growth – your business’ performance starts and ends with your people. HR recognises and acts on this.

For more information about our specific services and how we can help businesses like your own to improve employee engagement and drive business growth, email [email protected] or call 01242 500 557 to speak to a member of the HR Star team. 

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