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5 Top Tips On How To Look After Your Team’s Well-Being Remotely

If you feel like the world has been flipped upside down, don’t worry you’re not alone. With the sudden switch to remote working, many of us have found ourselves trying to recreate what we know as “work” in the space of our homes.

While some are comfortable with this change, there is no doubt some of us are entering the remote working world blind folded and while sudden change is great, this can have an effect on us. 

Which is why it is essential to maintain our own and our teams wellbeing at this time. 

So we would like to share some of our top tips on how you can look after your teams and you own wellbeing while working remotely:

5 Top Tips On How To Look After Your Team’s Well-Being Remotely

  • Find a new way to have face to face interaction! 

Technology and a modern way of living means there are now so many fantastic ways we can still interact face to face without being in the same room as someone! Tools such as Zoom, or Skype are a great way to maintain that ‘personal connection’ with your team members and on a regular basis. Why not set up a recurring team meeting on Zoom where you can catch up, have a chat and discuss what you are working on this week and even offer guidance or support where needs be. 

  • Be available, open and honest. 

Maintaining consistent communication and making sure your team knows you are contactable will help them feel supported, especially at this time. When you speak with them, be open and honest about the current climate and situation you are facing to put their mind at ease. Being open and honest can welcome some friendly help which could be very beneficial.

  • Where possible, be flexible

 In such unpredictable and uncertain times, employers will need to offer their staff more flexibility than usual to meet their needs. Some may be juggling working from home and looking after children, or even taking care of loved ones. Having open discussions with your teams about their personal circumstances and accommodating flexible working hours where possible will ensure you get the best from them in the time that they are available. 

  • Communicate, communicate… and communicate more! 

The weekly zoom call isn’t where your communication with your team members should stop. Continue with your regular 1-2-1s, also over zoom if possible, and use your internal systems to communicate throughout the day. Systems such as slack will allow employees to ask quick questions and keep updated with ongoing projects and their colleague’s work also. This will maintain engagement, team culture and productivity. 

  • Encourage breaks

Working from home for some can mean that they do not take a break and are at their desk for long periods of time. Encourage them to take advantage of remote working and to take short and regular breaks.  Show that you trust your employees to use their time at home effectively. Make sure they feel they can take regular breaks to get some fresh air, make a cup of tea or ring a colleague for a quick catch up.

You will get the most from your people when you allow them to take breaks from the screen and from work and this will help them re-engage with their creativity and maintain focus. 

Especially as more and more of us are isolated from our normal lives and trying to stay productive it is important to remember for yourself and your team that we are in this together.

We must remember all of the amazing benefits of remote working: the flexibility, no traffic in the morning and you are free to work in whatever clothes you want (Absolutely whatever!)

Treasure and enjoy the time you have working from home right now and remember when you return to the office you will be stronger than ever!

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