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One of our main focusses at HR Star is employee engagement, and we believe that your people ultimately drive business success, that they are at the heart of your business and that the more engaged your people are the more successful your business will be. Win-win!

We continue to operate within the most uncertain of times, but there is light on the horizon and attention is now slowly starting to look toward businesses returning to work. Lockdown restrictions are being gradually eased and with that in mind we have recently created a ‘Return to work’ offering to ensure that engaging your people is central to your recovery and that you have a successful transition back to work for your people and your businesses.

This will be a critical time for you and your people. We are strong advocates of communication and this is a recurring theme for us all at HR Star. The value and importance should not be underestimated! Communication is key to ensuring that your team are engaged, motivated and onboard with your plans.
Your people will likely be feeling anxious and unsure of what a return will look and feel like. Your driving principles should be the care of your people, and the safeguarding of their health and safety.
Our ‘Back to Business’ programme is a package that will support short-term business recovery plans by embracing people and working with them to re-build and move forward.
We can work with you by engaging with your leader(s) to review recent crisis management recommendations and identify what it is that your business needs and wants to succeed in the coming weeks.

We can support you to create that vision or build on existing plans, review or re-set business objectives, utilising top level input on 1-1’s, performance reviews and the measures in place to gauge success.

We will support and work with you to create internal communications to ensure clarity and understanding and work with you to develop and deliver training plans for your people in key skill sets – such as customer focus and personal resilience.

We recognise the exceptional change that we will all have gone through in varying degrees and the personal experiences that will have touched your teams in different ways. It is therefore key to support your people to re-engage with work, allow them to understand their position and work with them to help them and your business move forward.

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