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Early career managers and engaging teams

Are you a manager in the role you do now? Do you manage people?

I’d imagine that many of you that have a team of people, whether it’s a team of 1 or 101, might not have masses of support in working with and managing people in your journey up the career ladder. Through hard work, expertise and experience in a specific area of work, you will have been recognised and promoted into a post where you have a team of people.

If that is what happened in your career, I’d encourage you to think about the people you manage now. Are you and your business preparing them for their future careers as people managers?

Managing people can he hard work. It takes up a lot of time and energy and a lot of skills, all at the same time as delivering tangible results in whatever line of work you are in.

Let’s do more to help people in their early careers right now. Develop their potential so that they understand themselves, how to work with others, communicate, empathise and adapt. The earlier that we do this in a career, the better manager the person will be in the future. And they’ll grow in confidence, and in skills that they can start using straight away in their current role.

Engaging and motivating your team does not always need an organisational strategy or a giant budget or CEO approval. And you don’t all have to be in the same room. There are things that you can do as a manager to quickly engage your people and get some good ideas moving at the same time.

A recent Harvard Business Review article highlighted that the most powerful way to do this is to give people the chance to solve problems that really matter. Ask them: Where can we deliver amazing service to our customers? What’s broken that our team can fix? What do you think will drive growth? What can we do to be faster, slicker, in tune with customers?

Find ways to make sure every single person on your team feels like they have a challenge that they can help solve. It might be as as small as how to better greet customers or you could go grand and reach for the sky! Either way, ask the questions and see what happens to morale.

Talk to us at HR Star if you’d like to think about other ways to engage your teams, whether you’re together or remote. We’re experts at understanding your people and helping them to drive themselves and your business forward.

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