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How to Onboard Remotely

Providing a positive and reputable candidate experience is something here at HR Star we are passionate about, and with the help of Star Search, we believe the candidate experience continues right through your new hire’s first six months with the business.

The onboarding process is key to maintaining a smooth transition from ‘candidate’ to ‘hire’ to ‘employee’ – but how can you achieve this remotely?

  1. Contact pre-start date: Communicating with your new hire should not come to a halt when you have offered the role. Instead, keep them informed with regular company updates and see how they are doing. Speaking with the individual the week before their official start date will put their mind at ease and allow any initial questions to be answered. Be clear on their start time and let them know what you have planned for their first day.
  2. Be organised: You may ask your new hire to complete a training needs analysis before joining. This will allow you to identify any training gaps or areas for development that can be addressed within the first week. This can be used to inform your plan for their first week. Create a structured plan with meetings, documents to review, and work they can make a start on. Be careful not to ‘over-structure’ the plan, as this could be overwhelming. Allow some spare time for tasks to be completed to ease their transition.
  3. Virtual coffee meeting: Why not do what you would typically do in the office, but over video call? Arrange a virtual tea/coffee meeting on their first morning to chat through the plan for the week and answer any questions they have. You could incorporate other key team members in this too if you wish.
  4. Introduce them to the wider company: Send a companywide email welcoming your new starter. You could ask them to supply a bit of information about themselves on a personal note – i.e. what they do for a hobby, if they have any pets etc – this will bring a personal touch and begin building relationships between colleagues.
  5. Communicate regularly: Check-in with your recruit on a regular basis – at least once a day in their first week so they feel supported and this will also build an open and honest management relationship which will be invaluable moving forward.

Just like your new employee who will be keen to make good first impressions, you too should be eager to demonstrate your organisation’s best qualities. Being prepared for their start date, welcoming them into the business and building a relationship, even if virtually, is vital to create an excellent onboarding experience.

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