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HR Star can solve your people management 'pain points'

At HR Star we pride ourselves in being able to provide solutions to problems for our clients. Quite often, a prospective client will contact us with a challenge they’re facing and will ask us simply to ‘fix it’. With business owners concerned about following employment legislation and correct procedure, they will look to us for support and guidance.

‘Pain points’ for clients can vary, however we recently evaluated the 58 company’s we have worked with in the past 5 years and narrowed down the most common reasons businesses look for HR support:

  • Company Growth
  • Documentation Review
  • Performance Management

It may be difficult to comprehend in the uncertain times we have been living in, but some industries have seen a significant rise in their customer base, for example, stay-cation holidays and gift companies, and company growth has led them to look for HR support on how best to manage their people and implement processes.

The pandemic has also brought to light the need for correct documentation – something that clients have historically always asked our support with, in terms of employment contracts, handbooks, and other documentation. Ensuring you have up to date contracts in place, clauses that cover short-term layoffs, disciplinary procedures, sickness absence policies etc are key to managing your people in a fair and consistent manner.

Likewise, employee relations issues often seem daunting for business owners who may avoid following disciplinary procedures for fear of doing it wrong or causing further unrest. Not only does HR documentation clarify procedures for performance management with both employees, management teams and directors alike, it also shows a standard is expected and should be followed. COVID has resulted in leaders considering structural changes to their businesses and has unfortunately led to many redundancies. In the last few months, we have had conversations with directors who have discussed employees with poor performance and how they wish to now make them redundant. Whilst performance can be considered if the redundancy is genuine, and the role is no longer needed, it begs the question – why are we only discussing their poor performance now? Managing performance is never an enjoyable process, but with our support we can make it more comfortable and less painstaking for those involved.

Ways HR Star can help:

We have designed our Engagement Star projects to deliver on all aspects of business to enhance the employee experience and increase productivity in your organisation. If your company has grown, we would recommend the workforce planning project to implement a structure aligned with your business growth, and ensure you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. The HR Star Membership can offer growing, small businesses guidance on employment legislation, how to guides on HR processes and templates you can use with your employees. If your pain point is documentation, we can offer a full review of your employment contracts, handbook and other documents and advise, recommend and implement changes to ensure you are working in line with best practice. Or if performance management issues sound familiar to you, we could work with you to hold performance appraisals, or consider managing poor performing employees.

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