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Learning In Lockdown

‘’The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.’’ -B.B King

Whilst we are seeing the easing of lockdown there are many of whom furlough is ongoing or will be preparing for a gradual return to work on part time hours. Some of us may be fully immersed at work whether that be from home or back in the business and working full time.

Whatever your individual situation life is still in no way ‘normal’, and our free time is not what it once was and may not be for some time.

You may have decided that now is the time to make use of those quieter periods that have unexpectedly presented themselves to us as a result of the lockdown and taken advantage of some extra time with family to learn skills to help your children with their home schooling, taken part in the nations love for baking to whip up a special birthday cake to ‘share’ via zoom, or utilised one of the very many online free courses that have been prevalent throughout this time.

Your reasons to engage in some new learning may be driven by changes in your employment status, the fact that you have been placed on furlough and want to get your head around those excel formulas finally or simply that you have a passion for photography and now was the time to test that tripod whilst taking in a country walk.

I have recently signed up to two online free courses. ‘Exploring issues in women’s health’ from a personal point of interest, via the Open University and a course that delves into COVID 19 Psychological first aid, via Future Learning. This second course sparked an interest in me. The pandemic is a situation that we are all going through but whilst we are all in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat. Our experiences and wellbeing will have been different amongst colleagues, friends, family and beyond.  I am curious to learn more not only for myself but knowing that a bit more insight will help me support those I work and interact with daily as well as in my personal life.

I have been encouraged by my Line Manager to attend webinars and undertake learning whilst in work to develop my continuous professional development and have been thankful for these opportunities that may not otherwise have been available. These sessions have been wide ranging from Legal updates, how to engage with a remote workforce, personal resilience workshops to name a few and has allowed me to interact with likeminded people personally and professionally.

My take away from these learnings alongside finally nailing a decent buttercream without a mechanic whisk is to seek opportunity, explore what interests you, and turn that into knowledge that you can share and use with your colleagues, your professional network, but also to bring some joy into the daily unknown.

I would love to hear what learnings you have undertaken in lockdown and what sparked that interest.

How will you use those new skills and knowledge moving forward?

Will you take these learnings back into the workplace, or were they for pure pleasure and relaxation?

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