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Maintaining Team Culture

It is often difficult to define and understand exactly what ‘workplace culture’ means, however it is widely related to how employees work together in the workplace – the ‘feel’ of the company when you enter its doors and the greeting you get from the reception staff on the front desk.

Creating a positive company culture is tricky, and this is why Star Search looks to place candidates who not only meet the requirements of the role, but who also demonstrate values that align with the company’s culture.

According to research, 86% of business leaders believe that culture is directly linked with productivity, and therefore maintaining your workplace culture during this time of remote working is key to keeping your business going.

So how can you achieve this? Here are our top 3 tips to managing your team culture:

1) Transparent, clear, and flowing communication: Yes, you heard it again – communication is key. Keeping your culture alive means keeping the communication channels between employees and business leaders open and flowing. Try using Microsoft Teams or Slack to communicate frequently throughout the day, and remember, communication does not always need to be structured or formal. Have a chat with your teams about their weekends, or their families – the types of conversations you would normally have in the office. Organising daily team video calls will also allow your teams to communicate their workload to you and set priorities to maintain focus for the day.

2) Identify what your company culture is, and then replicate this: Do your staff enjoy having a mid-morning coffee break? Or a regular Friday ‘team breakfast’? Whatever it is that you and your staff do and enjoy, continue this at home! Scheduling some ‘team time’ encourages small talk and builds rapport. Plan a relaxed 15-minute catch up every day when employees would normally catch up in the kitchen or have your lunch together once a week.

3) Share ideas and knowledge: Reading that tricky email in the office and double-checking your thoughts with your colleague has never been missed more. We are interactive creatures and we thrive when we can bounce ideas off the ones we work with. Manifest this atmosphere in your team catch ups. Ask your staff what ideas they have and encourage open communication so others can build on these ideas.

Remember – your teams do not need to be physically together to create and maintain your work culture. It is the actions you and your teams take that achieve a positive and motivated culture and keep employees engaged through home working.

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