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Recruitment in a remote world of work

‘’Hiring the right people takes time, the rights questions, and a healthy does of curiosity’’   Richard Branson.

As we slowly emerge from the lockdown and start to enter our new normal businesses are evaluating and addressing what is most important to get back up and running.

Customer needs have shifted, and roles are being reviewed and created to support the evolving nature of what life now looks like in July 2020 and beyond.

At Star Search we have seen a definite increase across the last few weeks with enquiries about how we can help businesses find the right person to meet the needs of their organisation.

We have seen huge numbers of applicants and interest in roles posted which demonstrates that people are looking – whether that be because the time is right to now assess their individual career choices, or they may have been made redundant as a result of the pandemic or they simply want a change after having spent time out on Furlough and have developed skills and interest in others areas- the reasons are exhaustive but what is clear is that there is a healthy and available pool of people ready and waiting to join your team!

Finding the right candidate is something that we at HR Star pride ourselves on, and by using Star Search we will work closely with you to establish exactly what it is that makes your business tick, and what are the real values held by yourselves that you will seek in your recruitment campaign.

But how to approach this in the new remote world of work in a COVID-19 era?

Communicate! The most important thing you can do is to be open, transparent, and clear regarding the application, assessment, and screening phases. This way, your candidates will know what to expect and to be properly prepared. Alleviating any understandable nerves and uncertainty on their part. This will also ensure that the candidates speak highly of you and your recruitment process when feeding back their experiences to friends and family.

By now I am sure we have all become happy and familiar with the use of zoom and other platforms that allow you to communicate with your teams. This should extend into your recruitment process.

Do not be put off by the fact that your traditional tried and tested method of face to face interviews will not be possible. You can still conduct a positive and probing interview via remote methods. Likewise you can of course have multiple people present within the call if needed to utilise a panel setting, and you can also create break out rooms if you need the candidate to undertake any assessment within the session.

Where possible and where the role dictates an initial screening we would always encourage a telephone call to do that ‘first check’- why is the person interested, what is it about their experiences that qualify them for the position. You can usually establish enough in those initial screening chats to determine if you wish to progress to next step – i.e. ‘’zoom to zoom’’ in place of the ‘face to face’.

If you don’t feel that you established all of the facts or had enough time in the remote setting you can always arrange a follow up. It is imperative that both you and the candidate get as much from the experience as possible. You will be looking for the unspoken ques, and there may be silences. You as the recruiting manager will nee to pull on your communication skills and probe and ask open questions that allow the candidate to relax and be open with you.

You should ensure continued contact is maintained with the candidate throughout the process, whether that be to advise that they have not been successful or to congratulate them and commence the onboarding process to join your team.

How you treat the candidates throughout this process will pay dividends to your overall employee engagement.

If you require any support or guidance on how to conduct and prepare for a successful recruitment and interview process, please do not hesitate to contact us to see if HR Star and Star Search can help you.

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