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Shrinking Networks

Has working from home made you feel like your network of contacts is shrinking?
Capgemini’s recent lockdown research shows that 54% of millennials believe so.
If so, do something! Your contacts are a critical source if learning development, support and fun!
Your chats with other people are super-important to your performance and to fulfilling your potential.
Refresh your network by:
  • Having a think about who you used to talk to around the office but barely hear a peep from now……and then book in a coffee chat! Tell them that you miss them and want to catch up!
  • Pinpointing someone you respect and ask them for a quick chat. If you don’t have a good reason for it, say that you’d appreciate some feedback, or some wisdom on a specific thing.
  • Thinking about who you work with purely through an automated process – HR, payroll, IT, H&S – and then talk to them next time you do a task related to them. Humanise the work you do.
  • Reviewing at your contacts on LinkedIn by looking through shared contacts or 2nd or 3rd connections – connect and start to widen your network in a quiet unassuming way!
Networks are critical to your growth and development as we learn from people, and are motivated from them even when we don’t know it.
Get in contact with people and feel the benefit!
And if you find this a challenge, networking and contacts just aren’t your thing, talk to us about how we can help with lots of practical and painless ideas!
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