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Time to review your CV?

‘’Often we look so long at the closed door we do not see the one that has been opened for us’  Helen Keller 

Further to Rishi Sunak’s Summer statement issued last week we now know that there will be no plans to extend the Furlough scheme any more than has already been done so. It will therefore end in October 2020.

As we know many businesses will not be able to recover from what has been a challenging and for some crippling impact on trade and revenue.

You may know family or friends that have been impacted and are either on Furlough with no immediate plans on the horizon for a return to work or that are facing redundancy.

If you are facing uncertain times within the world of work if ever there were a time to refresh and update your CV it is now.

Its time to ensure that your CV is up to date and ready for your next opportunity. As I mentioned in my post last week regarding ‘Recruitment in a Remote World’ people are looking- whether that be because the time is right to now assess their individual career choices, they may have been made redundant as a result of the pandemic, or they simply want a change after having spent time out on Furlough and have developed skills and interest in others areas.

Your CV needs to shine amongst the crowd and be sure to impress your potential future employer.

What will make your CV stir curiosity within the recruiter? What have you learnt during lockdown personal or professionally that you can apply to your skills and experiences?

Some quick tips

Be sure to tailor your CV to the relevant sector and update your professional profile.

If you are in a different industry to the one you are applying for then you will likely need to tailor your CV to the job or sector you are applying for. What skills and experiences are transferrable and align to the role for which you are applying?

Consider updating your profile with a strap line if applicable and dependant on your personal circumstances such as ‘‘currently seeking new opportunities due to being made redundant as a result of COVID19, where existing skills and experience can be utilised’.

A word of caution- always ensure that what you post on your professional profile and your CV is accurate. If you were not made redundant because of the pandemic for example, then you could be deemed as sharing incorrect information about your previous employer that may be detrimental.

Sell yourself and your key skills

Be sure to study the job advert in full and identify the skills required. On your existing CV this may have a completely different emphasis, particularly if you were in a more senior role or different sector.

Summarise your career

There will be a high probability that you will face competition from several other applicants all facing the same challenges to seek new and secure employment,

it is important to keep this section relevant to the role that you are currently interested and applying for. Provide a short summary of your responsibilities. You want to focus solely on what it is about your CV that ticks the recruiter wish list and meets their needs. It needs to be accurate, snappy, and direct. It may be that you must create multiple versions of your original CV to ensure that you can adapt quickly to the roles being applied for.

It can be tempting and especially in these times of uncertainty to jump at the first role that presents itself , but make sure that you take some time to go into your new job search with a clear idea of what it is that you want to do. What role and title are you seeking, are you going to take a different path, what might be the next great role for you?

Create a bullet list of all your ideas and industries, companies, titles etc that you are seeking.

Apply for those roles that are hitting your requirements.

Keep an eye on our Star Search pages where we are regularly working with businesses up and down the country on a variety of roles within various sectors and industries.

It is important to continue networking, maintain your connections and build relationships and reach out to businesses of interest and make enquiries. Get your foot in the door wherever possible.

And above all do not be disheartened by what may seem a daunting prospect at first. The pandemic has impacted businesses in ways many of us would have previously thought unimaginable. Whilst there are redundancies and job losses taking place be encouraged that businesses are still recruiting.

Take this opportunity as a time to reflect and the chance to open a new door on what may be an exciting and unexpected new chapter in your career.

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