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Why the best candidates may not have the perfect CV

A CV will tell you where someone has worked and what position they have held at a company, it won’t however tell you how well they did the job, the reasons behind their job choices and their reason for leaving previous roles.

A 15-minute telephone screening call as part of your selection process is a quick and efficient way to ask the candidate these questions before rejecting their application.

Do you value qualifications over experience? There are many reasons why someone chooses not to attend university or further education, depending on the role, this shouldn’t automatically rule them out; a candidate without a degree may still be suitable for the role; use the telephone screening call to find out what experiences and skills they have gained through work and life experience.

Don’t be put off by candidates who have worked in temporary roles; these candidates can offer many skills and attributes to a business; including adaptability from working in various teams and environments, varied knowledge from different industries and often they are available for an immediate start.

A huge part of recruiting anyone into the business is ensuring the candidate aligns with the team and the company’s culture and values. A thorough selection process will enable you to find the perfect fit something a CV alone is unable to do. Someone’s passion and drive will need to be seen and heard.

Star Search’s tips for selecting the right candidate:
• Look beyond the CV; use a 15-minute telephone call as part of your initial screening process
• To gain an insight into someone’s personality ask them to write a cover letter explaining why they feel they are right for the role
• Only interview candidates that align with your company’s values; most roles can be learnt; unlike personality
• Use personality profiling to gain an even greater insight into how the candidate works and communicates with others, and how they approach their work

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