HR Star Membership - FAQ’s

Do you offer free trials?

We have included such a range of information within our Membership that it is only fair this is available to paying members. We can, however, offer a show around via ‘Zoom’ if this is of interest.

How do I gain free entry to your networking events?

Your Membership allows you to attend our popular networking event, which we normally hold bi-monthly. Your Membership entitles you/or your organisation one free space to this event!

What do I get for my exclusive discounts?

As part of your Membership you also get exclusive discounts relating to our monthly topics! This will be advertised on your Members homepage.

Can I work with you on a Project whilst being a Member?

Absolutely! We cover the full employee lifecycle and bespoke project offerings in line with our Engagement Star. An advantage of already being a HR Star Member is we will have an insight into your business.

As an additional benefit, if you are a monthly Member you will receive 1 month free on your Membership subscription. If you have paid for the year upfront you will receive a discretionary 5% discount off any project offering.

How do I book my 30-minute phone call?

Within the Members section, there is a ‘Book a Call’ function. On receipt of your request we will be in touch to obtain a little background information from yourself so we can book you in with a member of the HR Star team, who will be fully prepared for your call. If the call runs over for a few minutes this is absolutely fine.

After the initial 30-minute call if we think a further call/support will be needed which may incur additional costs, this will of course be advised in advance.

How do I book on to the monthly Q&A session?

We are scheduling the monthly Q&A’s for the last Friday of every month, we will send a Zoom link in advance via a calendar invite. You just need to accept or decline the invite so we can manage our Members.

Anyone from your company, with a maximum of 2 people, can attend these, just let us know!

Can I request additional information if its not already within the Membership portal?

We have an excellent bank of resources that covers a lot of information, but if you are after anything in particular just drop us a line. We would be happy to help!

How do I pay?

You can pay monthly or annually, via GoCardless. The monthly cost is £250 or the annual charge is £2,400, saving you 20%.

What is the term?

Our Membership is on a 12-month rolling subscription, payable monthly or a discounted upfront annual charge.

Can I cancel?

Should you wish to cancel your Membership subscription after the initial 12 months, you can do so with 30 days’ notice confirmed in writing to us.

If you have paid for the full 12 months upfront, unfortunately this is non-refundable.