What is the HR Star Membership?

Our HR Star Membership is an exclusive online portal providing you with online HR consultancy and support. As a member, you’ll get access to a bank of HR resources and tools to help you manage your people effectively. You’ll get access to everything you need to look after your people, from how to guides, to downloadable templates, to updates on legislation and one-to-one support. Our HR Star Membership will support you with day-to-day HR management, helping you make positive change. Contact our friendly team today to find out more about our growing online HR community.


How to guides

Providing informative HR guides on people processes, from maternity right through to redundancy



Useful factsheets to support you and your people, from employee wellbeing right through to absence management.


Soft skills guidance and tool kits

Informative toolkits to upskill your people, covering communications skills right through to giving feedback.



Downloadable templates covering everything from induction checklists, to accident forms, to Performance Improvement Plans.



HR Star Podcasts on popular HR topics and up to date news.


Q & A sessions

Monthly Q&A forum with the HR Star team.


Video content

Up to date video content that works alongside our resources, from managing remote working through to wellbeing tips.


Live updates

Be the first to receive live updates, HR news and changes to legislation that may impact your business.


One-to-One Support

Monthly one-to-one calls with the HR Star team, for the more pressing conversations.


Networking Events

Entry to our HR Star Networking events.


Exclusive discounts

Get exclusive discounts to other HR Star services including HR Star Projects and HR Star Search.


Industry Updates

Direct emails keeping you up to date with important changes that may impact your business.

Who is it for?

HR Star have designed the Membership for start-up businesses, small businesses, those who have limited/no inhouse HR, organisations with a limited budget for HR, or for your office manager who needs more HR support.

Why Sign Up?

Our HR Star Membership offers you a fresh approach to HR consultancy. As your company grows, making positive changes to your business is challenging. With the right processes in place, you can minimise the risk of your employees feeling disengaged or mismanaged and our portal provides you with the tools you need to make this happen. Whether you’re a start-up or just looking for extra HR support, we’ll be on hand to help you on your journey with access to our resources and monthly one-to-one advice and guidance.

HR Star Memberships

How do I join?

Simply Register your details and we’ll send you our welcome email with your login information, so you can get started straight away.

We’re excited to welcome you to the HR Star team, let’s get to work!

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