What is the HR Star Membership?

The HR Star Membership is a designated area providing you with access to a bank of resources and tools to manage your people effectively. As an exclusive member, you will get to know the HR Star team with our fresh and interactive content that will keep you updated with all things HR-related. We will be on hand to answer your people queries and support you through the people management process.


How to guides

HR Star How to Guides on a range of HR processes from maternity through to redundancy.



We have created multiple useful Factsheets on topics to help you and your business.


Soft skills guidance and tool kits

HR Star Soft Skills Toolkits cover everything from communication skills to time management plus lots more.



HR Star Templates such as induction checklists and accident and injury forms.



Podcasts on popular HR topics and relevant news.


Q & A sessions

Monthly live Question and Answer sessions with HR Star’s Managing Director, Kelly Tucker.


Video content

Video content from the HR Star team on pressing HR issues in the workplace.


Live updates

Live updates on HR news and changes to legislation.


Monthly call

A monthly call with a member of the HR Star team monthly, at your request.


Entry to events

Entry to HR Star networking events.


Exclusive discounts

Exclusive discounts on our Engagement Star projects.

Who is it for?

HR Star have designed the Membership for start-up businesses, small businesses, those who have limited/no inhouse HR, organisations with a limited budget for HR, or for your office manager who needs more HR support.

Why should I sign up?

At HR Star, we are passionate about a bespoke, professional, and personal approach with our clients. This sets us apart from traditional HR helplines, because with HR Star, you will begin to build a relationship with the team, and in turn, we will learn more about your business and what’s important to you. We work with you to find a resolution that meets the needs of your business, whilst keeping in line with regulation.

We include new, updated, and fresh content that is relevant for business owners, providing you with peace of mind, knowing that you are following the latest government legislation. If you need additional support with day-to-day HR management, the Membership will provide you with the tools to look after your business and invest in your people successfully.

HR Star Memberships

I’m in! What’s next?

Click ‘Register’ to start your journey with HR Star and become an exclusive member! You’ll then receive a welcome email and message from Kelly Tucker, along with our T&C’s and your log in details.

The HR Star team are excited to welcome you to the membership and look forward to speaking with you soon!

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with us.

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