What we do

Employee Engagement

We believe engaged employees contribute more.

At HR Star, we work with you to develop your purpose, create a people strategy and define your vision and values. We build a working environment where employees can thrive through personal and professional development, and we encourage recognition for each and every individual.’

An engaged employee understands and believes in the direction the business is going – it’s purpose, mission and values – they feel part of something bigger than themselves.

They understand how their role affects and contributes to the organisation’s purpose, they also genuinely want the organisation to succeed and feel shared success when it does.

The Employee Engagement Star by HR Star works in partnership with forward thinking business leaders to create engaged, motivated and highly productive people.

HR Star Engagement

Focus on your mission
while we focus on your people

We proactively work with your teams to ensure they are focused and engaged.

HR Star are proactive in ensuring your people are successfully managed by developing trust-based relationships between employer and employee.

Positive people management creates an engaged workplace which in turn improves business outcomes and the well-being of employees. We support leaders in building strong teams through developing and implementing proactive people management strategies.

HR documentation is the written and retained record of employment events in line with Employment Law. HR Star work with clients ensuring they understand all that is needed and that both the employer and employee are treated fairly and professionally. We will cover everything to include contracts, handbooks, bespoke templates, formal letters and software.